May 22, 2019

More Than One in Four of Us is Unhappy with Our Smile

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A recent survey was carried out in conjunction with the British Dental Health Foundation and a major orthodontic company, and it showed that 27% of us are unhappy with the way our teeth look. Being unhappy with your smile can have a detrimental effect on your overall enjoyment of life, confidence and self-esteem and personal and business relationships. Some three quarters of those surveyed thought their confidence levels could improve if they had a nicer smile, and nearly half said that being unhappy with their smile kept their confidence levels low. Around 10% felt the appearance of their teeth had affected their relationships.

Nearly three quarters or 70% of those people surveyed were so unhappy with the way their teeth look they never smile when being photographed, and it might surprise you to know that men feel worse than women about seeing their teeth in photographs. While just one in eight women will retouch the appearance of their teeth in selfies, one in three men will take this step to improve their appearance.

There is an increasing emphasis on having a nice smile, as more people choose to improve the look of their teeth. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply whiten at home, using a home teeth whitening kit. For many people this will be enough to lift self-confidence levels, and to banish fears of being in photos.

Provided your teeth are healthy and strong, and you have had a recent dental check-up, then there is no reason why you should not use a home whitening kit. However it is important to make sure you read the instructions thoroughly, and to follow these as closely as you can. One common mistake that people can make is to leave the products on for longer than recommended in the belief that it will lift the colour of their teeth even further. While this might be the case, doing so could also damage your teeth and gums so it is far better to follow directions.

While some people will only need to bleach their teeth to improve their appearance, others may benefit from more specialised dental care. This could be in the form of porcelain veneers, crowns or dental bonding, or perhaps even having orthodontics to straighten teeth. These services can easily be provided by your dentist and can make a considerable difference to your smile.

It is becoming increasingly common for adults to wear braces, especially as many of the more modern orthodontic systems are extremely discreet and nearly invisible. There are even some that are designed for cosmetic reasons. This means they concentrate on moving the teeth visible when smiling rather than making major changes to the overall position of your teeth and the way they bite together.

The advantage of using one of these cosmetic braces is that they can often provide results within just a few short months or even weeks, meaning treatment is considerably cheaper than traditional braces that can take a year or more to work.  If you are interested in making further improvements then it’s best to contact your dentist for a proper consultation. They can provide you with all the options available, as well as a breakdown of the costs.

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