January 19, 2019

New Nasal Spray Could Replace Dental Injections

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A new nasal spray is being developed by scientists at the University at Buffalo and it might eventually mean an end to injections. Trials have found the nasal spray to be just as, or possibly more effective than using a standard anaesthetic. This is good news for fearful patients who may have resisted going to the dentist due to a dread of needles.

The spray is called Kovacaine Mist and it has already passed two clinical trials in the US. It is anticipated that safety trials with US Food and Drugs Administration could be completed within the next few months, and the product may receive approval by as early as next year. The product would provide a level of anaesthesia sufficient to carry out restorative dental work, something that has to give hope to those who have a phobia over dental visits.

Don’t Let Dental Fear Prevent You from Having Essential Dental Treatment
Anyone who is anxious over visiting the dentist is likely to have lower levels of oral health. Many of those who avoid regular dental care do so because they have had a bad experience in the dental chair, either as a child or as an adult. It is estimated as many as 15 million people in the UK experience some level of dental fear, even though modern dental surgeries are often quite different nowadays. Many surgeries have made a real effort to eliminate sights and smells that patients associate with dental visits. Reception areas are more pleasant and aim to help patients relax before they see the dentist. Some have taken things even further and have created an almost spa like environment.

Sleep or Sedation Dentistry May be the Answer
If you haven’t been to a dentist for a while then talk to the staff about your fears, as they should be able to work with you to make you feel more comfortable. If the thought really scares you then search for a dentist who specialises in treating high fear patients, and who is able to offer you sleep dentistry. This is where you will be sedated to a level where you essentially ‘sleep’ through treatment. You will remember very little of the procedure afterwards, and it is a great way to have quite a lot of treatment in one appointment. One thing to bear in mind is that you will need to take a trusted friend or family member with you as you will be unable to drive yourself home.

Overcoming Dental Fear to Get the Smile You Really Want
The other great thing about overcoming your dental fear is that you will be able to get the smile you really want. If you have ever hankered after whiter teeth then a full check-up is all that is needed to let you know if this treatment is suitable for you.  It is well worth doing this even if you intend to use a whitening kit purchased online, as it will ensure your teeth are healthy and free from disease, and that they can be whitened safely and without discomfort.

Your dentist will not judge you, even if it has been years or even decades since you last set foot in a dental surgery, as they are only interested in helping you achieve and maintain oral health.  And who knows, perhaps injections will soon be a thing of the past, making dental visits even easier.

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