January 19, 2019

Dental White by Smile4You Review

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Teeth whitening has become very popular in recent years. A good teeth-whitening product can be highly effective, convenient, and affordable. On the other hand, however, some whitening products are ineffective or contain ingredients, such as peroxide, that some countries simply do not allow. Other whitening methods, such as laser teeth whitening done by the dentist in the dentist office, are not covered by health insurers and can be expensive.

Dr. Madray’s Dental White

In 1989, Dr. George Madray, DMD, a renown dental surgeon and public speaker, set out to meet these challenges with a new inexpensive, yet powerfully effective, over-the-counter teeth-whitening product. Through Dr. Madray’s writings and talks, Tv programs, including Oprah, soon discovered and promoted his new product.

What has made Dr. Madray’s product, Dental White, so popular is that it utilizes Carbamide Peroxide, which is the same chemical dentists use during clinical teeth whitening. Carbamide Peroxide has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration and works by bleaching deep stains in the teeth it is applied to. Most dentists charge a lot for this effective teeth-whitening procedure. Many consumers simply cannot afford to pay these high costs. When Dr. Madray utilized Carbamide Peroxide in Dental White, he helped consumers gain easy, convenient access to a quality whitening product without stepping foot in the dentist office.

Dental White is distributed by Smile 4 You in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is highly affordable and can be stored for up to 2 years. During that two years, it can be used for teeth-whitening as needed to maintain results, adding to its convenience.

Smile 4 You Dental White Contents

The deluxe (includes everything) Dental White kit contains:

  • Entire teeth-whitening kit with Carbamide Peroxide with 4 times the whitening gel as other whitening products
  • A Laser application to increase the speed and effectiveness of the teeth whitener
  • A gel which is applied after teeth-whitening in order to strengthen teeth enamel

What We Like About Dental White

Researching the existing teeth whitening industry, what we found unique about Dental White was that it is:

  • Featured in many popular UK magazines as the top teeth-whitening kit.
  • Approved by the Federal Drug Administration.
  • Less expensive than in-office teeth-whitening at a dental office
  • Highly effective, with excellent results in just 30 minutes and 11 shades lighter in 2 weeks
  • Comfortable to use, since it includes a custom teeth tray that fits well.
  • A low-risk product, with a 14-day return and refund policy.
  • Customer-friendly, with reliable customer services available.
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective, with results that last 2 years and a 2-year product shelf-life.

How it works

So how do you use Dental White?

First, each day for 14 days, a Dental White mouth tray containing the teeth-whitening gel is placed in the mouth for half an hour.

The whitening gel included in the Dental White kits includes 120 ml/cc of 16% Carbamide peroxide, which is an effective but safe concentration. The gel whitens the teeth through oxidation, without damaging the surface of the teeth. The gel’s whitening power penetrates stained areas of the teeth and whitens them.

The laser light application may also be used in conjunction with the mouth trays to increase whitening speed and effectiveness by up to 50%. By 14 days, teeth should be up to 11 shades lighter than before the treatments.

Review of Results

When we tried Dental White, we noticed the following results:

* When used 30 minutes daily for 14 days with the laser light, teeth became a much brighter shade of white.
* When used without the laser application, teeth became whiter, but it took longer to achieve the same results.

Cost Comparison

Dental whitening can be quite expensive. In-office teeth whitening done by a dentist may cost £300 to £600. Smile 4 You Dental White, however, normally costs well under £50 for the entire kit.  This is a fraction of the cost of teeth-whitening treatments at a dental office; yet, Smile 4 You is highly effective and uses exactly the same formulation.

Is Dental White Safe To Use?

Dental White has been used for over 20 years and has been deemed safe to use by the FDA. In fact, it is safer than most over-the-counter whitening products available.

It was created by respected, renown Dental surgeon, Dr. George Madray, DMD. The main effective ingredient in Dental White is Carbamide peroxide which has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and has been safely used by dentists for many years.

Furthermore, the Dental White whitening kits use safe levels of Carbamide peroxide (as determined by the FDA) and have been safely used over-the-counter for 20 years.

Note: Even though Dental White is considered to be safe, it is advisable to consult a dentist before trying any teeth-whitening product. Some teeth are more sensitive than others, and there are also other oral health factors that may need to be factored in before a teeth-whitening regimen is adopted.

The Verdict

Smile 4 You is an excellent product which is safe, effective, convenient, and affordable. Used only 30 minutes a day, for 14 days, Smile 4 You Dental White can deliver results that are similar to in-office dental whitening procedures.

Teeth can be lightened and whitened up to 11 shades in 14 days. While the whitening process may take longer than in-office treatments, the end results are very similar and last up to two years.

Furthermore, Smile 4 You costs just a fraction of the cost of treatments at a dental office.

Smile 4 You Dental White is a great product for anyone wanting whiter teeth conveniently at home and without having to spend the high costs of teeth whitening at a dentist

Where To Buy Dental White?

The best place to buy Dental White is at the official Smile4you.co.uk website here.

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  1. Sharon says:
    Overall Rating 55555
    Effectiveness 55555
    Value 55555

    Nothing comes close to these smile4you kits. I used it just before my wedding and the results were fab, so much so that now my whole family is hooked!

  2. Helen says:
    Overall Rating 55555
    Effectiveness 55555
    Value 55555

    As an avid tea drinker my teeth were getting more yellow as the years went by, but after using this for 2 weeks my teeth are much whiter! Much cheaper than a dentist whitening.

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