May 22, 2019

Have You Resolved to Eat More Healthily? Hidden Sugars Could Ruin Your Smile

Lots of people will have resolved to eat more healthily this year and to try to cut down on fat and sugar, mainly in an effort to lose weight. However these attempts could be ruined by hidden sugars, and as well as sabotaging efforts to eat healthily these sugars can also hurt your smile, increasing […]

Do You Know How Diet Affects Your Teeth?

It is easy to whiten your teeth safely and effectively through using a great home whitening kit, but white teeth are no good unless they are healthy, and what you eat can make a real difference. Diet and Its Effect on Your Teeth Keeping an eye on what you eat will help you maintain healthy […]

Looking After Your Tooth Enamel and Minimizing Demineralization

Your teeth are covered in a layer of enamel and this is one of the hardest wearing substances in the human body. This doesn’t mean it’s impervious, as tooth enamel is susceptible to demineralization. If you examine tooth enamel under a microscope you’d see a crystalline lattice network consisting of several different types of minerals […]