January 19, 2019

Are Your Gums Spoiling Your Smile?

Healthy gums are designed to frame your teeth, hopefully complimenting a beautifully white smile. But what happens if they don’t really do this? People can have one of two problems, either that their smile looks “gummy” and they don’t show enough of their teeth, or that their gums have shrunk back or receded so they […]

Why Does Tooth Dehydration Occur During Laser Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment, as it is fast, relatively affordable and can prove to be a huge boost to self-confidence due to the excellent results than can be achieved. However some people can find these results are shorter lived than expected. This is due to a common side effect, especially […]

Tips on Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

IfLots of people suffer from sensitive teeth at some stage during their lives. It can make eating and drinking very hot or very cold foods uncomfortable and sensitive teeth can also be exacerbated by drinking extremely sweet foods and drinks. Symptoms can range from just feeling a slight twinge, to experiencing sharp pains that can […]