May 22, 2019

Easy Ways to Keep Your Smile Whiter for Longer

Many people will have had their teeth bleached for Christmas and New Year celebrations, and there’s no denying it’s a fantastic feeling when you first look in the mirror after having your teeth whitened.

However everybody’s teeth will gradually revert to their natural shade, as teeth whitening isn’t permanent. You may even notice your teeth beginning to darken up slightly just a few weeks after being treated, but there are several things you can do that will help slow down this process.

Simple Tips for a Whiter Smile

  • Watch what you eat and drink. Food and drink can definitely affect the shade of your teeth, and you probably already know you should be avoiding red wine and tea and coffee if you want to keep your pearly whites looking good. If you love a cuppa in the morning then try switching to green or white tea, and if you must drink coffee then try diluting it with plenty of milk to lessen the effects.
  •  Lots of people think a clear liquid such as white wine will not affect the colour of their teeth. Unfortunately this isn’t strictly true. White wine tends to be quite acidic and is likely to soften the tooth enamel. This will allow more highly coloured foods to stain your teeth more easily. If you want to try and minimise the effects then either drink through a straw or dilute your wine into a spritzer.
  • It’s not always possible to avoid coloured foods and drinks, but something that can help is to keep a big bottle or glass of water by your side. Rinsing your mouth regularly with plain water during a meal will at least help to wash away excess food debris, preventing it from staining your teeth.
  • Many people think it’s a good idea to brush their teeth immediately after a meal, but in fact it’s always better to wait half an hour or so before brushing. This is because your mouth becomes quite acidic immediately after eating, and this causes the tooth enamel to soften. Allowing the pH levels to return to normal will allow your tooth enamel to re-harden slightly, and this is obviously better for dental health. When you do brush your teeth and it can also help to brush your tongue as this is a great area for trapping tanins. Anyone who enjoys drinking full-bodied red wines will be able to testify to this, as these wines are excellent at staining the tongue a deep purple colour.
  • Another very simple thing you can do to help keep your teeth nice white is to simply brush and floss at regular intervals. While most people will brush twice a day, many neglect to floss once a day. In fact flossing is an excellent way of helping to remove plaque from in between the teeth. If left in position the dental plaque will harden into a substance called tartar, which can often look quite yellowish in colour.
  • It’ll also help to get your teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals, as your hygienist or dentist will professionally remove all the tartar, and will also polish your teeth helping to remove some of the surface stains.
  • Touch up the teeth whitening every so often, but don’t overdo it. It’s well worthwhile touching up your teeth whitening treatments at the recommended intervals, but it’s worth being aware that overdoing the treatments will not make your teeth any whiter, but may damage them. Having a healthy mouth is always more important than anything else.

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