May 22, 2019

Is Your Smile Ready for the Wedding Season?

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The wedding season is now well underway, and whether you’re planning your own big day or have received invitations for other peoples, you’ll probably want to make sure your teeth look their best for all those photos. Teeth whitening can give your looks a huge boost, whether you choose to purchase a kit online or over the counter, or to see your dentist for professional teeth whitening. However it’s worth doing a little advance planning to make sure you get the smile you really want. This is especially true if you’re thinking about having more complex work or maybe even a smile makeover before the big day, as some treatments can take several months to complete.

Steps to Getting a Wedding Day Smile
1.    The first thing to do is to book an appointment with your dentist, as no matter what type of treatment you’re planning to have you do need to make sure your teeth and gums are in good health. Your dentist will be able to make sure your teeth are free from any untreated tooth decay or gum disease. This is an essential step before you whiten your teeth as otherwise the bleach may increase tooth sensitivity and could even damage your teeth.
2.    Book a professional cleaning at the same time as your dental appointment, as this will help to freshen up your smile and might even be all you need to do.
3.    If you’re just intending to whiten your teeth then it’s up to you whether or not you choose to have them whitened professionally, or to use an over-the-counter kit. Over-the-counter kits can be very effective but you do need to make sure you’ve followed the instructions to the letter and don’t overuse the products. The products used by your dentist to bleach teeth tend to be stronger and might give slightly more dramatic results, but come at a price.
4.    Decide whether or not you want to have any other dental treatments completed before the wedding day to help improve your smile. The list is quite extensive and ranges from having minor treatments such as dental bonding and replacement white fillings to more complex and expensive treatments such as dental veneers, crowns, orthodontic treatment or even dental implants. Your choice may also depend on how much time you have left before the day, and is something that you’ll need to discuss with your dentist before proceeding.

Quick and Easy Ways Your Dentist Can Improve Your Smile
If you have old amalgam fillings then you may want to think about replacing them with more modern composite resin fillings that are tooth coloured and which blend in with your natural teeth. This can make quite a difference to a smile as it helps to eliminate dark areas in the mouth that are created by amalgam fillings.

Composite resin is also used in dental bonding. This is a process that can be used to repair chips and cracks in your front teeth, and it can also be used to slightly modify the shape of your teeth giving them a more pleasing appearance. This is a very cost-effective treatment that can be completed in just one visit to your dentist.

It’s something that is also used in conjunction with another process called dental contouring. This is where small amount of your tooth surface is removed to create a more pleasing shape. These treatments are ideal if your smile only needs a quick boost, and if your time and budget is limited.

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