January 19, 2019

Tooth Straightening to Perfect Your Pearly White Smile

Image courtesy of Hector Landaeta

Home teeth whitening kits can easily lift the colour of your teeth, making your smile look brighter and whiter within just a few days. But what can you do if your teeth are quite crooked? Not everyone had the chance to wear braces as a child, and may have thought it’s too late to do so as an adult.

Adult Orthodontics Is Increasingly Popular
In fact adult orthodontics are becoming increasingly popular which is mainly due to the introduction of systems that can discreetly move your teeth without making it obvious to others that you are wearing a brace. Nowadays there are numerous different solutions that include clear or tooth coloured ceramic brackets, lingual braces that fit onto the back surfaces of your teeth, or clear aligners that look a little like tooth whitening trays, but which will gradually do you move teeth into the correct positions.

Cosmetically Oriented Braces Only Move a Few Teeth
Some of these systems will work to move all the teeth in your mouth which can be ideal if you have quite significant problems with the way your teeth bite together, or with overcrowding or gaps in between teeth. However not everyone will need this degree of straightening, and certain systems are more cosmetically oriented and will only focus on moving the teeth that are visible whenever you talk or smile. These are normally the front six teeth. This can be perfect if you only have a few teeth that are slightly protrusive for crooked or which are slightly out of alignment.

These cosmetically oriented braces can be cheaper than standard orthodontic systems and can often achieve results within just a few weeks or months. It’s a very good solution if the overall shape and appearance of your teeth is good, but where they simply need to be realigned. It can be a healthier alternative than dental veneers, as more often than not your dentist would have to remove a tiny amount of tooth material to make room for the veneers. Removing any tooth structure immediately means the process is not reversible, and porcelain veneers generally need replacing every 10 years or so.

Orthodontics Can Be Good for Your Oral Health
Even though adult orthodontics could help perfect your smile, it might be difficult to justify the cost. It’s worth bearing in mind that orthodontics could improve your oral health, especially if your teeth are significantly overcrowded or overlapping. If this is the case, you probably struggle to brush and floss, and you’re at increased risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease. A straighter smile will be easier to clean and should look brighter and whiter for longer as you’ll be able to remove all the plaque from your teeth during regular brushing and flossing instead of allowing it to harden into yellow coloured tartar.

How to Find a Dentist Offering Adult Orthodontics
Quite a few dentists offer adult orthodontics but may only specialise in one particular brand. It’s worth looking around for a dentist who is able to provide several different systems as they should be able to fit you with the correct brace for your needs. You can usually find this information on their websites, but if not don’t be afraid to ask about their training and experience in providing orthodontics.

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