May 22, 2019

Whitening Your Teeth Safely and Healthily

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Teeth whitening is a really popular procedure, but it’s all too easy to lose sight of the fact that home teeth whitening kits can use quite strong bleaching gel, and it does pay to take precautions to make sure you whiten your teeth safely.

Book a Dental Checkup before Whitening
This step is absolutely essential, and is something you should be doing anyway on a regular six monthly basis. It is important to get your teeth properly checked by your dentist before using any whitening treatments as this ensures that any cavities or signs of gum disease can be treated before you bleach your teeth. As anyone who has ever tried to whiten and unhealthy mouth will tell you, the procedure can be at the very least quite uncomfortable and at the very worst quite painful.

Read Reviews of Whitening Products before You Buy
A product description can sound pretty marvellous and may promise to change your smile dramatically. While this might end up being true, it’s well worth researching your chosen whitening kits and reading real life reviews before making your choice. If you’ve never whitened your teeth before then you may want to start off with a kit that includes relatively mild bleaching gel. This will typically be a lower concentration than other kits. The reason for starting off slowly is to make sure you don’t have any adverse effects, and that the product doesn’t cause you any sensitivity.

Read the Instructions before Using
However anxious you are to get started on whitening your teeth, just spend a few minutes thoroughly reading the instructions and making sure you understand them before beginning your treatment. These instructions will have been written to give you the best possible results so it’s best to follow them as closely as possible. Resist the temptation to overuse the products as this could well produce unwanted sensitivity in your teeth and gums, and could even cause damage. The same goes for putting excess bleaching gel in the whitening trays as all you do is run the risk of the bleaching gel leaking out into your mouth, causing unwanted irritation. Following the instructions closely will ensure you whiten your teeth as safely as possible, and you’ll avoid other risks such as spilling the gel on your clothes or elsewhere where it could cause damage.

Choose the Best Quality Product You Can Find
You can buy whitening kits very cheaply, but it’s worthwhile spending a little bit of extra money, especially if you intend to choose a kit with whitening trays. This will help ensure you get a better fitting whitening tray that would be more comfortable to use and which will help to lessen the risk of the bleaching gel leaking out onto your gums.

Only Use These Kits at the Recommended Intervals
It is all too easy to over whiten your teeth in the quest for a sparkling smile, and some people even become addicted to the process. Make sure you’re not one of them and stick to the guidelines for using these kits. You should be aiming for a smile that is no whiter than the whites of your eyes, and it’s important to remember that although the effects of tooth whitening will eventually wear off you shouldn’t need to retouch your smile any more than every few months or so.

Just about all this advice is simply down to common sense, but using your common sense should help to ensure you whiten your teeth safely.

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